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step three.dos. Which disorders are commonly addressed with plant combinations?

Percentage of mixtures that are including 2 or three plants, 4 or 5 plant life, or higher than six herbs (N=take to size, final number away from bush have fun with profile with blends).

Table 1A and you can ? and1B 1B checklist health issues with respect to the frequency regarding blends in-plant explore accounts (expressed as portion of the full quantity of plant use reports). Reproductive health issues for example infertility, sexually transmitted problems and you can labor, and additionally breathing infection such as flu and you may bronchitis was in fact high ranking health issues for all four shot organizations (place people along with experts in New york together with DR). On the other avoid of your range are surface and you may musculoskeletal troubles for example burns, wounds, upheaval, sprains, comes and you can fungal problems which might be always given single bush cures by the all four groups. The newest ratio from mixtures is relatively low for diabetes, cholesterol levels, hypotension and blood pressure level in set individuals and you may specialists residing Nyc and DR.

Dining table 1A

Percentage of mixtures in plant play with account based on certain wellness conditions (proportion beneficial accounts with mixes instead of the have fun with accounts for every health condition). Analysis from set persons (which notice-medicate which have therapeutic herbs) when you look at the Nyc (NYC) plus the Dominican Republic (DR).

Dining table 1B

Portion of blends in plant play with accounts considering specific health standards (ratio of good use records with combinations rather than all have fun with profile for each and every health). Study away from https://gorgeousbrides.net/tr/blog/yasli-gelinler/ bush specialists (old-fashioned healers whom have fun with flowers to alleviate anybody else) when you look at the New york city (NYC) and also the Dominican Republic (DR).

Desk dos gifts an effective matrix ranking from dining tables 1A and you can ? andB B and directories the big fifteen health conditions treated with blends on the DR and Ny. Infertility gets the best cumulative positions score (SUM) for everyone try teams. Birth control gets the low scores inside the set persons from one another research internet. Impotency ratings reduced in lay individuals both in Ny plus the DR, but ranks saturated in DR gurus. As a whole, table 2 reveals a trend for the a top emphasis on mixes to possess respiratory requirements when you look at the Nyc versus significantly more combinations to have reproductive fitness and genitourinary criteria on the DR, particularly in records of pros.

Desk dos

Matrix ranking off health conditions with regards to the portion of mixes in-plant use records to relieve private health conditions * .

* Only fifteen health conditions was basically selected which were treated with a beneficial raised percentage of blends of the possibly lay people and you can/otherwise specialists in New york city (Ny C) while the Dominican Republic (DR). The brand new scores of “15” and you can “1” were given towards the criteria on the high and lowest percentage from mixes, correspondingly (according to the proportions when you look at the table 1A and you will ? and1B). 1B ). If a couple of criteria had the same commission, following a medium rating is actually caused by each of the criteria. The best rank (#1) corresponds to the health condition that has the higher cumulative amount out-of personal results (SUM). Standards are rated inside descending acquisition of the collective score.

step 3.3. Plant pieces put

Regarding private plant species for the a mix, numerous plant bits are used for of many variety, according to health receiving treatment, otherwise with respect to the one who uses you to types. One of these ‘s the application of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) oils to relieve injury, whereas the milk was taken inside the house for asthma, renal difficulties and common cold. The newest shell of the coconut and you may coconut water try taken in to have kidney trouble and the means is utilized to alleviate sterility and you will sexually carried infection. Another type of analogy are bad orange (Citrus aurantium L.). The brand new fruits mass regarding the types was removed sinusitis to own that the actually leaves are also inebriated given that a tea. The fresh new juices of your good fresh fruit try taken by mouth to own diabetic issues and to control hypertension; this new makes was boiled within the a beverage for assorted requirements, together with diabetic issues, stomachache, headache, work serious pain, flu, prominent cool, and you may bronchitis; the newest renders also are taken out body comes. The observance that individuals bush parts are often used to get rid of the same health subsequent enhances the difficulty regarding plant blends. Due to the high number away from bush kinds in some solutions plus buy not to ever obstruct professionals inside process of recalling those people recipes, information on private bush bits could not always be methodically filed which don’t accommodate a quantitative analysis of data regarding plant parts.

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